Higher Volume boards, you don't know what you've been missing.

Higher Volume boards, you don't know what you've been missing.

High Volume Surfboards

Obviously surfboards come in various shapes and sizes, and one important aspect to consider is the volume of the board in this post we are going to focus on high volume boards. Volume refers to the amount of space the board occupies in the water ( The buoyancy of the board ) and is measured in litres. Understanding the benefits of higher volume surfboards, such as the Creative Army Jumbo Jet and the Modern Double Wide, is crucial to improving your surfing skills and overall enjoyment in the water.

  1. Stability: Higher volume surfboards, like the Creative Army Jumbo Jet and the Modern Double Wide, offer greater stability. The extra foam in these boards makes it easier for beginners to maintain their balance while paddling and standing up. The increased stability provides a more forgiving experience, making it less likely to tip over or nose-dive, which can be frustrating for beginners trying to catch their first waves. The other benefit here is that the stability give the rider a few more seconds to get to their feet.
  2.  Easy Paddling: You want paddling efficiently as possible as this is essential to catch waves and getting out the back. Higher volume boards have more buoyancy, which means they sit higher on the water, reducing the amount of effort needed to paddle. This advantage allows rider to catch more waves and spend less time struggling to get out to the lineup.
  3. Wave Catching Ability: The higher volume of these surfboards also enhances their wave-catching ability. Sometimes people often struggle to catch smaller or weaker waves with low volume boards, but with higher volume boards like the Jumbo Jet and Double Wide, you can catch waves more easily, even if they are not as powerful.
  4. Forgiving Nature: Mistakes are a natural part of learning to surf. Higher volume boards are more forgiving when it comes to making errors in positioning or weight distribution. They provide a larger platform to stand on, making it easier to recover from off-balance moments and preventing unnecessary wipeouts.
  5. Progression: Despite being beneficial for beginners, higher volume boards can still be fun and useful as you progress in your surfing journey. For intermediate surfers they will enjoy using these boards on smaller, mushier days when more buoyancy can help maintain speed and glide.

Now, let's briefly look at the specific features of the Creative Army Jumbo Jet and the Modern Double Wide surfboards:

      1. Modern Double Wide:

  • As the name suggests, the Modern Double Wide surfboard is known for its wider outline, providing ample volume throughout the board. ( 7’4 = 72 L, 8’4 = 89 L, 9’2 = 105L )
  • The board's increased width and volume make it exceptionally stable and buoyant, perfect for beginner surfers looking to build confidence in the water.
  • Despite the generous volume, the Modern Double Wide maintains a more contemporary and performance-oriented design, allowing for quicker turns and better manoeuvrability compared to traditional longboards.
  • This board is great for improving your skills as you progress and begin experimenting with more advanced manoeuvres.
  • The Modern Double Wide has a very interesting bottom contour that helps the higher volume react well. The double concave with vee allows the board to feel nimble on the wave.

         2. Creative Army Jumbo Jet:

    • The Jumbo Jet is designed with a classic longboard shape, characterized by a rounded nose and a wider midsection, which contributes to its higher volume. ( 7’2 = 65 L, 8’0 = 78 L, 9’0 = 97, 9’6 = 106 )
    • This board is an excellent choice for beginners because it offers enhanced stability and easy paddling, allowing you to focus on improving your skills rather than struggling with balance.
    • The traditional longboard outline also provides a smooth and graceful ride, making it perfect for riders who appreciate a more laid-back surfing style.
    • The Jumbo Jet is versatile and suitable for various wave conditions, especially smaller, slower waves.
    • The Jumbo Jet is quite refined for a high volume board. You will notice the very smooth foil from nose to tail that give the board a bit more finesse than the Double Wide.

    To wrap up higher volume surfboards like the Creative Army Jumbo Jet and the Modern Double Wide offer unmatched stability, easy paddling, forgiveness, and enhanced wave-catching ability. These features provide a solid foundation for your surfing journey, enabling you to progress with confidence and have more fun in the water.

    As you gain experience and improve your skills, these boards will remain valuable assets in your quiver for smaller days or when you want a more relaxed surfing experience. So, get out there and enjoy the waves with your higher volume surfboard! It will feel like you are cheating.

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