How to unpack your GSI Surfboard or SUP

How to unpack your GSI surfboard or SUP

When you receive your GSI board you will need to unpack it. We thought we would run you through the packaging and unpacking process.

100% recycled packaging.

The first thing you will notice is the box and all internal packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. Right down to the paper tape we use. In fact we haven’t used any plastic in our packaging of surfboards and SUPs since 2019 saving millions of square meters of plastic. We ask you to please recycle this packaging so we can keep the recycling loop going.

GSI surfboard packaging is 100% recyclable.

The outer box is made of strong KA85 rated carboard. Internally there are a couple of layers of impact and knock protection we have in place.

Board protection.

Firstly, the ends have compression resistant honeycomb pieces at each end of the board. 

Then there is the nose and tail capsules. If your board comes with fins, the fins will be located in the bottom capsule in a brown paper envelope.

Next you will notice the board is protected by nose and rail bumpers. These honeycomb pieces help safeguard against knocks the board might get in transit. On the deck and bottom we have corrugated cardboard as well.

The next layer down is brown paper that wraps the board to keep it clean. You can remove this carefully and reuse it to wrap presents ( boring I know, but it’s a great way to reuse these giant pieces of paper ).Once the board and fins are out.

All of the packaging can be placed in your recycling bin for collection by your local suburban program

Check for damage in transit.

Another important point to note is the green label on each of the boxes. Please check the external box for any visible damage prior to signing for it and taking possession of the board from the delivery company. If there is any damage visible check to see if the board is OK or not. If it is not please refuse delivery and contact us asap.

Once the board is out of the box we recommend using a padded heat resistant bag to keep your board safe with it isn’t in being used.

Enjoy your new board!