Life is Better When You Surf® - Sam Coombes

Life is Better When You Surf® - Sam Coombes

Introducing Sam Coombes founder of The Critical Slide Society - an Australian art based surf brand and collaborators on the GSI Critical Slide range of surfboards.

GSI: Hi Sam, Where are you located and what do you do at The Critical Slide Society?
SC: Currently located in Bondi, I am Founder and Jack of all Trades at Critical Slide.

GSI: How old were you when you learnt to surf? Where was it and who taught you?
SC: I started out with a Boogie board when I was 9 and then started surfing at 16. My best mate Will got me into it. Purchased my first board from Beach Without Sand at Whale Beach. A 6’2” Town and Country board shaped by Tony Cerff.

GSI: What is the best tip you have for anyone learning to surf?
SC: Don’t be shy of going with a lot of foam. You want wave quantity and you want to be on early. The more foam, the more waves when you’re a beginner.

Photo supplied by Sam Coombes

GSI: Tell us about a surf session that really sticks in your mind?
SC: I just got back from 12 days in the Mentawais and the last day was around 3 foot and super clean at Playgrounds. I had about a 3 hour session exchanging waves with Al Knost, a guy who’s surfing I’ve admired for a long time. So epic and really topped off an amazing trip.

GSI: What is your favourite surf spot?
SC: Well Playgrounds in the Mentawais is pretty special, as is Burger World. But something more local would be The Pass in Byron Bay. Such good memories.

GSI: Tell us about the 4 board TCSS range distributed by Global Surf Industries.
SC: We worked closely with the team at GSI to create a range of boards that suit a wide range of surfers and conditions. The boards are a good representation of what we as a brand stands for. All about the joy of being in the water, so they’re super fun boards and designed so you can get the most out of the conditions. I’ve been surfing the Hermit model, which I’m a huge fan of.

GSI: Our company mantra is ‘Life is Better When Your Surf®” how does that statement resonate with you?
SC: Personally my life is better when I’m surfing. I’ve got two young kids and running a brand, surfing is the thing that gives me some time-out and respite. I’m probably more stoked on surfing right now, than I have ever been in my life.

Photo supplied by Sam Coombes
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