Life is Better When You Surf® - Tom Carroll

Life is Better When You Surf® - Tom Carroll

We are starting the year with our new Life is Better When You Surf® series, a monthly post where we speak to different people within the surfing world and ask them a few questions about how their surfing has evolved over time and what it means to them.

Kicking off with 2 times world champ, pipe master and friend of GSI legendary Tom Carroll...

Tom Carroll
photo supplied by Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll, an iconic figure in the world of surfing, has made an indelible mark on the sport with his extraordinary talent and contributions. Tom's influence extends beyond his competitive achievements; his impact on surfboard design and his role in popularizing tow-in surfing have solidified his legacy as a true pioneer in the realm of wave riding. With a career spanning decades, Tom Carroll remains an enduring icon, inspiring surfers around the globe and embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence in the world of surfing.

GSI: How old were you when you learnt to surf? Where was it and who taught you?
TC: I was 7yrs old when I first stood up on a styrofoam Coolite. I was self taught at Newport Beach.

GSI: What is the best tip you have for anyone learning to surf?
TC: Get surfing lessons from a reputable source. Build on experience with exposure to a wide range of conditions. Observe keenly the nature of water movement. Allow time.

Tom Caroll
photo supplied by Tom Carroll

GSI: Tell us about a surf session that really sticks in your mind.
TC: 1988 8-10’ perfect Speed Reef G-Land Java, Indonesia all to myself…was overwhelming to say the least. Never thought such moments existed but they do!

GSI: What is your favourite surf spot?
TC: This has changed over time. At present I’m absolutely pining for a solid session at Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

Tom Carroll Paddle Surf
photo supplied by Tom Carroll

GSI: Tell us about your SUP range that GSI distributes globally?
TC: Tom Carroll Paddle Surf has been working closely with GSI over the past seven years delivering accessible performance in our Stand Up Paddle board range.
The latest model in the range “Outer Reef” is aimed at the customer who is looking for unwavering stability, clean uninterrupted momentum under paddle on flat water & ease of trim along a wave face all in an effort to increase our FUN!!!

Tom Carroll
photo supplied by Tom Carroll

GSI: Our company mantra is ‘Life is Better When Your Surf®” how does that statement resonate with you?
TC: This is a simple fact…a truth so clear to this freckle, one who regularly experience the benefits maybe too close, perhaps now easier to forget the gift as we exit the ocean. But no, Life is - most definitely - Better When You Surf!!!

GSI distributes the Tom Carroll Paddle Surf range of standup paddleboards world wide, check the range page for specs, videos and more information.




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